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The Company Herstory

Hyde Park Counseling & Therapy was established in 2010 and has thrived as a therapeutic pillar for the community and trusted resource for local community institutions (Universities, Hospitals, Clinics, Church). At the time of its inception HPCT originally primarily serviced Hyde Park area of Chicago. HPCT quickly became a go-to for other Chicago communities such as Beverly and South loop and South and Northwest suburbs and other communities that value cultural diversity and wellness infused in their healthcare and treatment teams. Overtime HPCT expanded its reach from Chicago to New York, Virginia, Arizona, United Kingdom, Thailand. This is primarily due to the service contracts, clinical licenses, diverse training, experience, and professional network of owner April Robinson. HPCT is honored to continue to serve the local community as well as interstate and international communities.  Chicago's Hyde Park was chosen at the home base for the company because of the richness of the diverse, historic, and timeless culture infused through the community. These qualities are a reflection of HPCT core values. 

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