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Services Overview

Services and treatment modalities are integrative and customized to fit the needs and comforts of each client. Select treatment interventions offered include techniques sourced in both eastern and western philosophies. Our talk therapy services are integrative and based on humanistic, wellness, strength based philosophies. In addition to traditional talk therapy, specialized therapies techniques may be integrated, including Stress and Trauma Informed Techniques (e.g. EFT, EMDR, BTT, BCST, Reiki) and Experiential techniques (play therapy, psychodrama, drama therapy, movement based techniques, meditation). Services are primarily delivered onsite in a face to face format but may be delivered virtually in an online video conferencing software was well (to accommodate executive professionals and individuals traveling for work or school).

Note: During COVID-19 pandemic, services remain fully virtual.

Online web-based on-demand therapy courses for psycho-education and independent therapeutic exercises for advanced/graduated clients and practitioners are being developed for launch. 

Counseling Therapy

Counseling is the Main Ingredient.

Foundation: Counseling/Wellness/Holistic

Counseling= a mental health profession that is strength- based and rooted in elements of diversity, advocacy, education, wellness, holism, personal development

Stress & Trauma Techniques

Stress and Trauma focused techniques: EFT, EMDR, BTT, BCST, Reiki

Traditional Talk Therapy

Traditional talk therapy: Integrative talk therapy/ counseling based in humanistic, narrative, and experiential theoretical orientations (incorporating tools from Adlerian and CBT therapy models)

Experiential Techniques

Experiential techniques: based on play therapy, psychodrama, drama therapy, laban movement techniques, meditation/focusing flow techniques

Who Is Counseling for?/Typical Client

One of the things that makes "counseling" so awesome is its a wellness based profession- meaning its great for most anyone! Counseling is appropriate for peak performance enhancement or benign low key issues as well as severe bothersome issues ranging all the way to severe clinical disturbance. Clients served are diverse in age, background and treatment need.

On average most clients we see range between the ages of 18-85 years of age. Treatment issues include a full spectrum from normal developmental transitions to disordered mood and trauma and crisis cases. Typical treatment issues often include career development, career transition, relationship problems, recent break-up, fertility/family planning issues, anxiety or depression disorders, traumatic stress related disorders, coping with bereavement, loss, or injury; and also peak performance enhancement for improved focus, communication, and improved relationship with self and others.

{Outpatient counseling is not appropriate for those who are unable to maintain their physical safety or those who require 24/7 monitoring. Recommendations and referrals may be provided if  a  higher or lower level of care is indicated.}

What our customers are saying

Ms. Robinson is very friendly, professional, gets to know you personally and helps you work toward your goals. I have been going for about two months now, and every time I go she pulls out something that I didn't think about and shows me a different way to think about it. ......

Very professional and courteous, easy to get a hold of when you need to set up or reschedule an appointment. ...... if you are looking for someone friendly, professional, and helpful, I would suggest giving Ms. Robinson a try.


Service Prices

Compare our pricing and payer options and find the best fit for you.

Private Pay Accepted



A La Carte Pricing Per Session

$225 Assessment/Initial Eval

$155 Standard Session

$185 Extended Session (extra 15 min)

 On-Demand Digital Course TBD

Insurance Accepted



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TFI/ JP Morgan Chase Fellows



Per Quarter

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