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Traditional Talk Therapy/ Counseling

Talk therapy is what you think of when you first think of counseling or therapy services. Our counseling ("talk therapy") is integrative in its nature. Our counseling techniques are based on principals of wellness and holism--meaning they take into consideration the whole person and gives consideration to mind, body, soul, the environment (nature, community,  social cultural contexts).  During the talk therapy process, as appropriate,  breath work, visualization, and experiential/somatic techniques will be added in as needed for mind, body, soul integrative wellness. Approaching your goals and treatment with your whole person in mind helps facilitate longer lasting  results and deep level changes.

HPCT Integrative counseling is based in the following counseling theories: humanistic, narrative, and experiential theoretical orientations . Depending on client needs and goals tools may be incorporated in from additional talk therapy models such as Adlerian and CBT as well.


EMDR is powerful and robust treatment for trauma and stress disorders. Through the guided use of eye movements and other forms of bilateral stimulation while simultaneously focusing on an event and being aware of the memory, bodily sensations, and emotions related to the experience, the clinician is able to guide client in releasing the intensity of disturbing, troubling, and triggering content (that may be flooding memory, body, mind). 


EFT is a rapid, long lasting “tapping technique” which helps end the suffering from trauma (PTSD, grief, phobias, anger, fears and guilt), compulsions, addictions and blocks in your life. Additionally, It  can dramatically relieve many physical symptoms such as physical aches, pains, headache and even asthma!

Reiki/Healing Hands

Healing hands techniques have been used for centuries across the world in both eastern and western world countries and within various spiritual and or holistic based communities. Reiki is one well-known and respected type of healing hands techniques. 

Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful hands-on healing Japanese therapy that works to bring the body back into balance, positively affecting the body-mind-spirit as a whole by assisting healing on all levels. The treatment feels like a calming radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki and or general Healing Hands techniques are offered.

Biodynamic Touch Therapy (BCST)

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is an empathy based therapy focused on the felt sense of stillness and slowness. The client participates as a partner in the therapeutic process of feeling wholeness. 

Biodynamic Touch Therapy  is truncated treatment technique evolved from Biodynamic Craniosacral trauma therapy. BTT/BCST is a treatment where therapist uses light touch and other processes to reset the clients Autonomic Nervous System to a state of rest and homeostasis to promote healing, restoration. This touch based technique is non- invasive and non-manipulative.


Finding Peace within self exploration

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