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The Company Herstory

Hyde Park Counseling & Therapy was established in 2010 and has thrived as a therapeutic pillar for the community and trusted resource for local community institutions (Universities, Hospitals, Clinics, Church). At the time of its inception HPCT originally primarily serviced Hyde Park area of Chicago. HPCT quickly became a go-to for other Chicago communities such as Beverly and South loop and South and Northwest suburbs and other communities that value cultural diversity and wellness infused in their healthcare and treatment teams. Overtime HPCT expanded its reach from Chicago to New York, Virginia, Arizona, United Kingdom, Thailand. This is primarily due to the service contracts, clinical licenses, diverse training, experience, and professional network of owner April Robinson. HPCT is honored to continue to serve the local community as well as interstate and international communities.  Chicago's Hyde Park was chosen at the home base for the company because of the richness of the diverse, historic, and timeless culture infused through the community. These qualities are a reflection of HPCT core values. 

About Us

We love building experiences and healing journeys for you

April K Robinson, LCPC

Owner/TheTherapist/ The Counselor

April Robinson, is the owner and executive director of Hyde Park Counseling & Therapy. In her current practice she works from a wholistic frame with the goal of helping individuals reach a more healed, whole, integrated version of themselves She has noted that her most defining characteristics include her sense of duality and empathy, which lend themselves to the high level of diversity and compassion infused throughout her work. That sense of duality and diversity is evident in her background, training, treatment modalities, and the people she serves. She has a background and extensive training in both counseling psychology and theater arts. Having gained experience serving and presenting across the globe--She has other complimentary training that embodies eastern and western philosophies and supports the use of narrative techniques, somatic body-based techniques, trauma focused techniques, mind-body- spirit integration techniques, arts based therapies, play therapies in addition to standard talk therapy when appropriate or useful. Specific Stress and Trauma Informed or Experiential techniques she is trained in include: EFT, EMDR, BTT, BCST, Reiki, play therapy, psychodrama, drama therapy, movement based techniques, meditation.

“My services are wellness based, diverse in nature, and delivered in an integrative and high-quality format.”

“I value my ability to not just understand things from the lens of a trained professional but — more importantly I have the ability to zoom into my client’s experience and to deeply understand, see, and experience things from their lens and perspective. In this way I can deeply attune with and understand my clients experience, needs, strengths and areas of injury before then zooming the lens out to view things from a wider perspective where I may bring forth and integrate in the tools and insight and gifts bestowed upon me through my training, education, experience, and spirited wisdom.” 


Ph.D in ABD Status

 M.A Applied Psychology: Counseling- New York University

Internship Clinical Placement: Greenhope Services for Women- Harlem, NY

 B.A. Psychology- Southern Illinois University

 B.A. Theater -Southern Illinois University

Additional training: Study in DePaul University MFA program , Feldenkrais/ Awareness through movement training, Reiki Certified, Biodynamic Touch Level I Certified, Biodynamic Touch Level II Certified, EFT (tapping) trained, EMDR  trained therapist, graduate study emphasis in NYU psychodrama program, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP)

About Collaborative Companies & Partnerships Below

Karianne Croy

Holistic Health Coach: 

Collaborative Partnering Company

Nutritionist, Health coach, intuitive writer, and healer.

For clients looking to increase physical and nutritional wellness in collaboration with mental health treatment. 

Remote sessions and packages offered.

Ja'Nelle Jefferson

Herabalist, Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner: 

Collaborative Partnering Company

For clients looking to supplement treatment plan with additional complementary services in excess of those provided by therapist, Ja'Nelle can collaborate and provide additional services (Acupuncture, Herbal Remedies, Chinese Medicine) through her natural apothecary and wellness center. She loves herbs, collaborating, practicing, teaching, & learning natural healthcare!

Dr. Deborah Chiles

Clinical Psychologist: 

Back-up Clinician

Note: Dr Chiles is Back-up Therapist and should only be contacted if authorized by A. Robinson during her absence. 

Dr. Chiles is an Adlerian Psychologist who uses integrative methods in alignment with those provided at HPCT. Dr. Chiles has special interest in couples and persons with anxiety issues. 


HPCT is a collaborative partner for top institutions across the country and periodically hosts clinical interns from top institutions. HPCT is an approved site and has contracts with Northwestern University's counseling program and USC's MSW program. Interns may either be in practicum or final field placement during their master's degree training program. Interns placed have been thoroughly vetted and all have background, clinical skill and aptitude, a multi-cultured lens, and empathetic qualities in alignment the HPCT brand.


Mrs. Spence

Media Consultants

N'dgo Jackson

John Johnson

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