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Biodynamic Touch Therapy/ Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Touch Therapy, a treatment technique evolved from Biodynamic Craniosacral trauma therapy. BTT/BCST is a treatment where therapist uses light touch and other processes to reset the clients Autonomic Nervous System to a state of rest and homeostasis to promote healing, restoration. This touch based technique is non- invasive and non-manipulative.

During the process the clinician attunes, listens, tracks, and sets environment for cerebral fluid and bodily fluids—attuning to and supporting them in such a way that promotes return to homeostasis and original pattern of fluid dynamic for wellness.

BTT/BCST promotes relaxation, sensation of calm within the body, assist with releasing emotional and physical tension and unresolved traumas.

This treatment is complementary method that may be used as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with various other interventions (such as talk therapy, deep breathing, tension release exercises, mind-body techniques/somatic therapies, reiki) to produce state and sensation of increased calm and wellbeing and to facilitate initiation of bodies innate healing processes. As healing occurs, clients may experience an increase in energy or relaxation. As healing occurs clients may notice or become more aware of sensations in the body and may experience adjustments in physical, emotional states. Client may experience release of old emotions, such as anger, grief, sadness, trauma, challenging imagery, or memories. As clients release old patterns that are no longer effective for wellness, they may notice shifts in body, emotions, and their relationships and the manner in which they relate to the world around them. Clients find it helpful to rest and hydrate after sessions involving BCST/BTT and other healing touch techniques.

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